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In the Press

"Christine Ameigh, owner of Slide Food Cart and Beyond Catering, had never heard of Red Dot when she began researching potato chip makers in the area. It seemed kismet that the long-defunct company was located not far from where she planned to package hand-cut potato chips."

"Christine Ameigh, owner of Slide Food Cart & Catering stops by Live at Four to celebrate National Food Truck Day."

"In a world full of MBAs trying to make apps turn a profit, Christine Ameigh's business ideas seem remarkably unstudied. The proprietor of the Slide food cart just wanted to re-create the sense of fun and excitement she'd had when she lived in Southern California and it was "food cart night" in her neighborhood..."

"Let’s Eat Out! (LEO) began in August 2012 as Let’s Eat Out, Atwood! with 5 carts vending 1 night per week in the Atwood neighborhood. Born out of the need to find new vending locations in order to survive financially during the harsh winter, Christine Ameigh, owner of Slide Food Cart & Catering partnered with Warren Hansen, Street Vending Coordinator at the City of Madison, to bring food carts beyond the traditional downtown locations. Reception was warm and 2013 saw the addition of new carts and new locations. By 2014 over 15 carts were participating at 8 different locations. Founder and Executive Director Christine Ameigh was awarded the "Market Spark" Isthmus Independent Business Award in 2014 for her innovative food cart location model. In 2015 we are doubling our locations with 15 weekly dinners and over 19 participating carts."

"The first thing that you should know about the new slider-based food cart Slide is emblazoned right on the side of the cart: It's not a burger.

Although the term "slider" primarily refers to diminutive hamburgers, it can refer to any small sandwich in a squishy white bun, another pretty much standard element. Slide features six different sandwiches, and none are traditional burgers..."

"As I’ve noted before, Madison is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to food trends. The rest of the country had become positively sick of cupcakes by the time we got our first cupcakery, to name just one example. So it’s with a sigh of relief when a trend that everyone else seems to have embraced years ago finally makes a splash here, like a debutante arriving late to the ball. The slider — a small burger about three inches in diameter — has been ubiquitous elsewhere for some time; now, Madison has Slide, its own dedicated food cart serving sliders that will convince you it was worth the wait..."